personal training sessions

The benefits of personal sessions is one of the fastest, easiest and most successful ways to improve your health and fitness.  Today, personal trainers/guides are used by people of all fitness, age and economic levels to help make lifestyle changes that would be difficult to achieve alone.  We offer a wide variety of mind/body classes which make our personal training sessions unique and hightly effective.  We can offer personal sessions in one or a combination of disciplines. We begin with an evalution and a discussion of your goals, then design the best program possible for your needs.

1. Whether your focus is mind or body or both, a program will be designed specifically to meet your goals.  At human element studio, your progress will be monitored and fine-tuned as you go, helping you to move through plateaus.

2. We can help you set realistic goals and determine safe strategies, all while providing the encouragement you need.

3. Sticking with a program is one of the biggest challenges faced. Personal sessions can provide motivation for developing a lifestyle that places a high priority on health and activity.

4. Session can address special medical needs, such as arthritis, diabetes or obesity. A personal trainer/guide can help with these or other issues, including low-back pain, rehabilitation from injury and pre/postnatal training. We can work with your physician, physical therapist or other health care provider to plan a safe, efficient program for you to reach your health goals.

5. You will learn appropriate form, technique and understanding for maximum results.

6. Get optimal results in minimal time with a program designed specifically for you.

7. An individualized program can improve your overall conditioning and develop any specific skills you need.

8. Enhance Your Mind, Body and Spirit. Personal sessions can act as a doorway to new personal growth experiences. Personal sessions may help you uncover new insights about yourself or find potential you didn’t realize you had.

9. Benefit From the Buddy System. What could be better than making a commitment to regularly meet with someone who will provide you with individualized attention and support?

10. With personal sessions, you can find a program that works best for you. Are you more comfortable with a demanding program or a gentler approach? Would you like to train at home, at work,  or in a studio? How many times per week or month do you want to meet your personal trainer/guide, and for how long?  You can get fit and healthy your way and take ultimate responsibility for your own health.

“Commit to being the very best version of yourself today!”

Private session (on site)                                            Semi-private (on site)

$75/per hour                                                                       $95/per hour


Private sessions (off site)                                  Semi-private (off site)

$95/per hour (within 10  miles)                                    $115/per hour (within 10 miles)

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