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Join Monique and BareUrth
at Maine Yoga Fest
Sunday, July 1st, 8:30-10:00 a.m.
Explore Chakras through Yoga

This workshop is a movement lecture on the seven chakras and how they govern every aspect of our lives. Chakras are energy vortices within the body that correspond to different parts of our being (strength, sexuality, confidence, love, communication, intuition, psychic consciousness). Discover “stuck” energy, where it’s held and how it can manifest physically. This workshop will explore the development, locations, elements, influences and more of each of the seven major chakras. Learn how to identify excessive and deficient traits, and bring harmony to a system that sustains us. Experience yoga poses that can supercharge this energy field through the inseparable connection of body and mind.

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200 hr. Yoga Teacher Training 2018

Our 200 hour Yoga Alliance registered training is deeply rooted in the eight limbs of yoga and exceeds all requirements set forth by the Alliance.  Join us in October of 2018 and immerse yourself in a life changing series. We are conveniently located in Southern Maine.

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