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Pilates Fusion

This class is a safe approach to Pilates mat training because there are no exercises that will in any way harm the lumbar or cervical spine due to antiquated core training techniques. This is the modern day approach to standing and mat exercises, embrace the principles of “contrology” but for today’s society and it’s high incidence of  desk and/or computer related issues. The core starts from the floor up and the class is designed around ground reaction of gravity and how it affects our body. This class will fuse elements of barre with pilates.

Sculpt your body while strengthening your core with the use of weights, balls, balance cushions, barre and bands.


Pilates Private Sessions/Pilates Reformer

BareUrth offers specialized private instruction that focuses on work with classical apparatus including the universal Reformer as well as various other small apparatus.  Enjoy the benefits of the Reformer in a private or small group setting. Reformer/Barre Fusion classes are limited to 3 people in order to ensure personalized attention and proper form. Small group classes to be announced.

Pilates sessions are designed to:

  • Improve Posture, Balance and Coordination
  • Strengthen Back and Abdominal Muscles
  • Increase Flexibility
  • Restore Natural Posture
  • Improve Athletic Performance
  • Rehabilitate and Prevent Injuries
  • Tone Muscles
  • Elevate and Energize the Spirit


Tri-Plane Pilates is designed for students of today,

not the elite dancers of Joe Pilates era.




Mat Pilates

The foundation of the Pilates method begins with Mat Pilates, a mat based system of movement that focuses on conditioning and strengthening the trunk or “core” of the body. Joseph Pilates recognized that these exercises drastically improve strength, posture, balance and lumbar health, which positively affects all of life’s activities. Mat Pilates is a highly effective non-impact method that uses one’s own
body resistance to condition the body. This method lengthens muscles while strengthening. This class is conducted on a mat, and additional small apparatus may be used such as pilates rings, balls and bands.