Sculpt your body with barreFall in love with fitness….at BareUrth

BareBarre incorporates unique barre movements with the benefits of modern pilates.  This fun class incorporates the use of a pilates balls, hand weights, dyna bands, balance cushions and yoga props for a challenging total body workout. Spend 30 minutes at the barre and 30 minutes on the mat!

  • Develop an overall mind body connection
  • Maximize results by using only effective effort and eliminating unnecessary tension
  • Wake up stabilizing muscles of the body
  • Improve alignment, posture and body composition

Based on the principles of contrology, BareBare is an effective and safe workout suitable for all levels.


human element barsculpt with straps

BareBarre Bootcamp

Enjoy all the challenge of BareBarre with the addition of HIIT training for strength, endurance, balance and core.  This 75 minute class utilizes additional props including pilates  sandbags and medicine balls, maximizing your results in minimal time.